Smartblock’s current product range includes new CHP units with integrated condensers for unrivalled overall efficiency. All the other modules ecoGEN can be equipped with an external condensing stage.

In addition, each model that runs on natural gas or propane comes with a catalytic convertor that enables our standard series to comply with today’s lowest emissions standards for airborne pollutants (NOx, CO, etc.).

The existence of a natural gas distribution network allows easy connection of a cogeneration unit.

Even though it uses a fossil fuel, the high efficiency and combined generation of heat and electricity of a natural gas-fired condensing CHP unit yield CO2 savings of the order of 25%.

micro-CHP units (7.5 to 33 kW)

TitelEletric powerThermal powerConsumptionTotal efficiencyNoise output at 1MModel
Smartblock 7.5 AGc7,523 kW28,3 kW107,8 %48 dB/A
Smartblock 15 AGc1535,6 kW48,5 kW104,3 %45,9 dB/A
Smartblock 16AGc1638 kW51,7 kW104,5 %55 dB/A
Smartblock 22AGc2251,2 kW67,9 kW107,9 %56 dB/A
Smartblock 33AGc3371,6 kW99,2 kW105,5 %57 dB/A
Smartblock 33SGc3371,6 kW99,2 kW105,5 %57 dB/A

mini-CHP units (50 to 530 kW)

TitelElectric powerThermal powerConsumptionTotal efficiencyNoise output at 1MModel
ecoGEN-50SG5084 kW147 kW91,2 %68 dB/A
Smartblock 50AGc50100,2 kW137,4 kW109,4 %55 dB/A
Smartblock 50SGc50100,2 kW142,7 kW105,3 %56,6 dB/A
ecoGEN-70SG70114 kW204 kW90,2 %67 dB/A
Smartblock 75SGc75139,8 kW209,6 kW102,5 %56,8 dB/A
ecoGEN-120SG120185 kW329 kW91 %70 dB/A
ecoGEN-135SG132195 kW356 kW91,8 %70 dB/A
ecoGEN-260SG260379 kW695 kW91,9 %70 dB/A
ecoGEN-410SG410584 kW1117 kW89,1 %72 dB/A
ecoGEN-530SG530727 kW1343 kW93,6 %74 dB/A

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