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Cogengreen: Service and assistance to boot!

Preliminary profitability assessments and free quotes

Cogengreen provides the following services free of charge :

  • A personalised preliminary profitability assessment
  • A visit of your facilities
  • A quote that lets you calculate your future investment with no surprises

Installation in conjunction with the owner

Our engineering office scales thecogeneration unit and connected components (exchangers, storage tanks, etc.) in interaction with the project’s technical managers. We take charge of integrating the CHP unit and overseeing the work via the installer of your choice.

Assistance from A to Z

In addition to offering a unique product in terms of quality and efficiency, we assist you with the following procedures:

  • Technical procedures
  • Administrative procedures
  • Applications for subsidies, bonuses, and financing
  • Electricity feed-in and green certificate brokering
  • Fuel procurement.

Effective customer service

Once your CHP unit is up and running, our maintenance team monitor it remotely via the Internet and optimise their work so as to ensure maximum availability for your system. A maintenance contract is proposed to guarantee proper follow-up for ten years.

Is space at a premium?

We make complete cogeneration systems in 10- and 20-foot containers for outdoor installation. The system is delivered ready for operation in an insulated self-supporting steel section container (dimensions: 6.05 (or 12.10) x 2.44 x 2.5 m). Depending on the application, double-walled fuel tanks and a heat storage tank can be integrated as well.

Does your application require specific operating features?

Our development team stands ready to change the control programmes to meet your needs. Flexibility and responsiveness are our strong points.

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For the most effective profitability study possible, we need to know your heat and electricity needs (off peak and peak periods) as well as the prices you pay for your energy supplies (gas, fuel oil, peak electricity, and off-peak electricity).

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