Installing a Cogengreen cogeneration unit alongside the current boiler in your building makes it possible to generate both heat and electricity on site far more efficiently.

What are the advantages of cogeneration in a condominium?


Economie Generates considerable income

In addition to the savings on charges that you make from the first day the system is installed, the cogeneration unit also produces a substantial income!

Thanks to the major CO² savings made by optimising your boiler room, the Brussels region grants you green certificates as a reward. These certificates are resold to network operators at advantageous rates and generate income in your condominium.

This substantial income represents a real boon, in particular to fund maintenance work in the building without having to dip into your wallet !

 Chauffage  Eliminates or considerably reduces the amount of the heating and electricity charges for the communal areas

By recovering and optimising the energy losses caused in the current heating systems, the cogeneration unit guarantees you a reduction in your heating and electricity charges for the communal areas that may exceed 100%, depending on the number of homes in the condominium.

 flècheHeats your home more and better, with greater comfort

Our cogeneration units are compatible with all types of boiler. They help considerably improve the performance of the system currently installed in the condominium. The building is therefore heated more easily and more efficiently.

Energie  Acts directly and sustainably for the benefit of the planet

Thanks to its low carbon emission level, heating by cogeneration is a clean and sustainable means of generating heat and electricity. By opting for cogeneration in your condominium, you take practical and direct action to reduce the pollution impacting on global warming.

 Rénovation Helps fund the renovation of your boiler room or any other maintenance expense in your building

Helps fund the renovation of your boiler room or any other maintenance The heating systems in many buildings in Brussels are old and inefficient. Some of them even still run on fuel oil. Installing a cogeneration unit offers an opportunity to totally renovate the boiler room, switch to natural gas and at the same time reduce the maintenance and heating costs.

Third-investor solutions are available via our partner clients. In this case, you do not have to spend any money at all!

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