Our constant concern to improve our products’ performance and lower their airborne emissions is a powerful driver for developing the most efficient and least polluting CHP units on the market.

We have a very broad product range that lets us offer you the best model for your site and optimal energy savings.

Choose from among our fuel oil-fired CHP units.

All Cogengreen CHP units can run on biodiesel fuel.

mini-CHP units (60 to 350 KW)

TitelEletric powerThermal powerConsumptionTotal efficiencyNoise output at 1MModèel
ecoGEN-60SB6085 kW167 kW86,8 %68 dB/A
ecoGEN-80SB80108 kW217 kW86,6 %68 dB/A
ecoGEN-120SB120170 kW339 kW85,5 %70 dB/A
ecoGEN-150SB150180 kW387 kW85,3 %70 dB/A
ecoGEN-180SB180208 kW460 kW84,3 %70 dB/A
ecoGEN-210SB210234 kW532 kW83,5 %70 dB/A
ecoGEN-350SB350428 kW910 kW85,5 %70 dB/A

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