Job Description


  • Produces in line with the production schedule drawn up by the Production Manager and posted in the workshop.
  • Adopts a qualitative approach to work so as to ensure a reliable product on schedule.
  • Carries out the tasks necessary to produce units: assembly, welding, painting, etc.
  • Assists with the installation of units at certain clients.
  • May be called upon to work at clients in order to correct any product non-conformities that may occur.
  • Follows the plans drawn up and the working methods.
  • For each model, prepares and updates assembly instructions using photos in collaboration with the other workers.
  • Notes hours worked on the machine production sheet day by day.
  • Informs the Production Manager of machine maintenance and/or repair needs.
  • Informs the warehouseman of resupply needs for tools, missing parts and consumables.
  • Complies with the safety rules when using tools (wearing PPE)
  • Follows the relevant procedures and instructions.
  • Takes care to abide by the provisions of the applicable quality system and any adaptations.
  • Strives to attain the objectives laid down in the policy drawn up by the management.
  • Undertakes to keep his/her work station clean and tidy

Profile sought

  • Practical knowledge of mechanics, hydraulics and electricity
  • Welding experience
  • Respect for equipment and use ‘with due diligence’
  • Order, thoroughness, cleanliness

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