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Micromethanisation units

Liquid manure

The solution for breeders wishing to process mainly liquid manure while retaining the possibility of complementing this with other input available on the farm (semi-solid manure, crop waste).

  • The liquid manure is incorporated into the methanisation unit by means of a macerator pump. A mixer can be integrated into a reception pit in a shaft to incorporate more solid inputs (similar to the LQ model).
  • The unit is fully automatic and requires just 10 minutes of work per day.





Agricultural methanisation units


The solution for breeders wishing to upcycle different inputs for higher-performance methanisation units.

  • LQ models : suitable when the input mix remains liquid. The unit is supplied via a shaft reception pit equipped with a macerator pump and a semi-rapid immersion mixer.
  • LS models : suitable for large quantities of solid input. The system used to incorporate solids includes a reception hopper. The methanisation unit is equipped with a slow paddle mixer and a semi-rapid immersion mixer to ensure homogenisation in the tank.

Vos avantages

Your advantages


Picto temps    Working time 10 minutes/day

The unit requires little attention and work on a daily basis. Working time is estimated at 30 minutes per day when semi-solid manure or other solid materials have to be loaded.

 Cochon  Stable, complementary income

Income guaranteed for 15 years. Up to 90% reduction in electricity bill and total heating autonomy.

 Revenus  Digestate

Digested liquid manure = 100% of the nitrogen available for plants. Digestate is a fertiliser of much better agricultural quality than liquid or semi-solid manure.



Subside    Subsidies

Subsidies of 27.50% on the investment: methanisation unit, connection, storage, etc.

Durabilité  Sustainability

Methanisation enables you to commit to switching your farm to a low-carbon economy by reducing your CO2 emissions.

Vaches  Effluent processing

Reduction in odours, pathogens, weed seeds.


 Cochon Revenus stables et complémentaires

Revenus garantis pendant 15 ans. Réduction de la facture électrique jusqu’à 90% et autonomie complète en chauffage


La méthanisation permet d´engager votre ferme dans une transition vers une économie bas carbone en réduisant vos émissions CO2.

 Revenus  Digestat

Lisier digéré = 100% de l’azote disponible pour les plantes. Le digestat est un engrais de bien meilleur qualité agronomique que le lisier ou le fumier.

VachesTraitement des effluents

Réduction des odeurs, des pathogènes, des graines d’adventises

Notre offre

Our offer


COGENGREEN ensures the profitability of your methanisation unit. We are by your side throughout the life of your project to provide you with a reliable, long-lasting installation :

  • Free study
  • Assistance with obtaining subsidies and permits
  • Ten-year warranty on concrete tank
  • High-quality equipment integrated into tried-and-tested methanisation units
  • Local maintenance service, 7 days a week
  • Biological monitoring of your installation
  • Remote control of your installation by computer


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