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Cogengreen is your partner for the installation of biomethanation units on farms, too.


Cogengreen is joining forces with the company CogeO, which specialises in methanation, to offer turnkey units in Belgium today.

CogeO has over 15 years’ experience and many references in France

What is biomethanation ?

A biomethanation unit makes it possible to produce methane from decomposing organic matter: liquid or semi-solid manure, agricultural and agri-foodstuffs waste, crops. This methane is upgraded in a cogeneration unit.

The waste is converted into electricity, heat and digestate. Digestate is the matter remaining after methanation: water, fibres, mineral elements. It is a high-quality fertiliser.

Who is biomethanation suitable for ?

There are several types of units:

  • Small farm units (20 to 200 kW) that mainly process liquid and semi-solid manure from the farm.
  • Larger units (600 kW and over) that process liquid and semi-solid manure from nearby farms, crops and waste from the agri-foodstuffs industry.

The units we supply are intended mainly for cattle and pig breeders.

Biomethanation on the farm: what are the advantages ?

  • Up to 90% reduction in your electricity bill
  • Up to 100% reduction in your fuel oil consumption
  • Reduction in your CO2 emissions
  • Digestate is a much better quality agricultural fertiliser than liquid or semi-solid manure.

La Ferme de la Distillerie : Cogengreen's first biomethanisation unit in Belgium

Contact for biomethanation :

Morgan Thomas : 0477/44.09.22

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