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Our experience: the best guarantee for your cogeneration project

Cogengreen has installed more than 150 cogeneration machines for all types of application, such as:

  • group housing
  • offices
  • industries
  • schools
  • nursing homes
  • public buildings
  • industries
  • swimming pools
  • and much more

Our high degree of specialisation in mini- and micro-cogeneration technology enables us to work on avant-garde projects that combine environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

Entrepreneurs and integrators that are references in their field trust us with their cogeneration projects.


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See also:

Vegetable oil

    Kyoto Lycée

    First fossil fuel-free secondary school.  (Poitiers, 2009, client:  Poitou-Charentes Region)

    Green Office

    First positive-energy service sector building. (Meudon, 2010, client: Bouygues immobilier)

    Goûter Mountain Hut

    At 3835 m above sea level, the highest CHP unit in Europe. (2011, client: Club Alpin français)

    Archives du Nord

    First positive energy archive building equipped with a rape oil-fired micro-CHP unit. (Lille, 2012, client: Nord Departmental Council)

Natural gas

    CNEFOD, trigeneration

    Tunisia’s National Centre ofDistance Teaching and Training. (Tunis, 2012, client: Education Ministry)

    Nemo 33

    The deepest swimming pool in the world. (Brussels, 2008)

    Zac de Bonne

    First eco-neighbourhood completely equipped with (18-70 kW) micro-CHP units. (Grenoble, 2008, client: Gaz et Electricité de Grenoble)

    The Atomium

    Emblematic symbol of Europe’s capital. (Brussels, 2007, client: Brussels-Capital Region)