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Cogengreen: 10 years of specialisation in cogeneration!

From manufacturing…

Cogengreen makes micro- and mini-CHP (cogeneration) units that run on:

  • Vegetable oil
  • biodiesel
  • natural gas
  • fuel oil

…to installation!

We help installers to set up these units on their customers’ premises.

Why choose Cogengreen?

  • A team that listens to you
    Our technical sales team studies your project’s cost effectiveness with you and proposes the technical solution and financial formula that meet your needs.
  • Innovative solutions
    Our engineers design, develop, and are constantly improving our products in order to meet your needs better and better. Our creativity and our partners’ experience are at your service.
  • Quality products
    Our methods of working, from design to installation, with production in our engineering shops in between, and our standards of quality guarantee reliable products that are built to last.

To sum up, Cogengreen is…

A few milestones in Cogengreen’s history

  • End of 2004: Bolstered by its experience in biofuels (vegetable oil and biodiesel), Cogengreen becomes the exclusive representative of KW Energietechnik’s products on the Belgian and French markets.
  • Early 2006: Cogengreen begins building its own CHP assemblies in Belgium.
  • End of 2006: Cogengreen changes its legal status and increases its capital in order to meet the rising demand for micro-CHP units.
  • Since January 2007: Cogengreen is represented in France by its exclusive agent, Cogebio.
  • 2011: Cogengreen delivers and commissions the highest CHP unit in Europe (at 3835 m), for the new Goûter Mountain Hut, the last stage of the Mont Blanc ascent.
  • 2012: Cogengreen wins the Sustainable Management Award created by the Trends Tendances Business Tour. See the presentation video.
  • Early 2013: The first two natural gas-fired condensing micro-CHP units are put into service in several condominium buildings, and their measured efficiencies exceed 100%!

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